'Practice makes perfect...'

However, if you practice incorrectly, you are perfecting the wrong things!'


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"We had quantifiable survey results praising Coach James for the wonderful work he did in both keeping the kids entertained while actually teaching them, but also praise for his interaction and instruction with the adult parent/coaches."







"James’ work, effort and TTP program was so impressive that our club chose to hire him to implementing  it for our club in the fall season of 2012.  This program was created to teach players skills in a fun and informative way that was appropriate to each age level, but perhaps more importantly to assist our volunteer parent/coaches learn how to effectively coach players. The TTP did this with great success."










"As a volunteer coach with KYSA in Washington, I found the TTP to be a valuable experience.  As a coach I learned drills and how to get my point across to the kids.  I also came away with lessons plans that I know work. On top of that, I now have a structure to develop my own plans."





Mark Summers,

Volunteer Parent Coach

Kent United Youth Soccer (KYSA)

Marc Church

WSSC Board member

William Fry,

Board member of WSSC

John Cowley

Volunteer Parent Coach in KYSA

Tammy Winkett,

Parent of child on Holiday Camp




"James was able to explain the fundamentals of football to the kids in a way they enjoyed.  They were playing games and having fun, and didn't even realize that they were learning the game!"







"My Child has had a pretty bad first year at secondary school and his self confidence was pretty low (hard to believe I know). He was very reluctant to come on Monday, but he is now talking about becoming involved in coaching when he is old enough. I really can't thank you enough.

Thanks again and keep up the good work !"









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